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Volcanic eruption in a coffee cup

Posted in Products & furniture, Vintage furniture by zigideluxe on 07/08/2011

I recently acquired this coffee machine designed by Gaetano Pesce at a vintage design auction. Everybody I have shown it looked at me with disbelieve , not understanding why I would spend money on such an ‘ugly’ object.
I beg to differ! Beauty can be something that is not immediately recognised, something that grows slowly on you. The lack of ‘good design taste’ and perfect shapes creates an edginess that needs to be tamed before you can begin to appreciate it. I find the volcano iconography is also quite appropriate for a moka coffee maker…

In other words, it is an acquired taste, a bit like coffee.

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Manufacturing pride

Posted in Colours, textures & surfaces, Signage & environmental graphics by zigideluxe on 07/08/2011

While driving through the Burgundy region in France I came across this beautiful old factory building in the small town of Génelard.

I really liked the confident, almost out of scale, presence of the signage on the building. On top of that the signage is not an after-thought but completely integrated into the architecture. Compared to many of today’s undistinguished manufacturing halls it also tells the story of an admirable industrial pride.



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