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Signage project Kirchberg, morris column, central parcSignage project KirchbergSignage project Kirchberg
After developing a comprehensive urban signage and wayfinding concept for the Kirchberg area in Luxembourg-city here is our first prototype of a large scale element to be used in open urban areas and strategic arrival points. The overall concept consists of a range of elements adapted to different urban scales and their context.
Graphics, text and city map have been developed in compliance with stringent future accessibility guidelines and go way beyond the standards in terms of contrast and readability requirements. 
The implementation and future changes of the map can be done independently by the client within their existing IT capabilities to ensure the high level of adaptations required for a fast changing urban area.


Client: Fonds Kirchberg
Concept & design strategy: Georges Zigrand Design Consultancy
Graphic design: Laurent Daubach, Designbureau


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