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It started as a custom designed & developed LED standing light for the Chateau de Bourglinster, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. Now the project has developed into a series of products featuring dimmable and continuously rotating LED discs with bespoke electronics fitted to a CNC turned wooden stand.

Concept & design: Georges Zigrand Design Consultancy
Lighting engineering: integratedlight UK

Curiosity Cabinet on tour

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For the luxembourgish Presidency of the European Council from 01.07 – 31.12.2015 the Ministry of Culture commissioned me to design three spaces in the Justus Lipsius building of the Council of Europe in Brussels.

One part of the project consisted of this curiosity cabinet exhibition made from 45 individual front or back-lit boxes. The cabinet showed a more unusual side of luxembourgish history & culture, mixing together an apparent random selection of oddities and stories from past and present. One of the aims was to focus on the people (artists, writers, film makers, cooks, engineers & inventors) but also institutions, industries & customs that contribute to the fabric of the country, showing a side that would be little known outside its borders.

Following the Presidency the exhibition was recently shown at the Ministère de la Culture in Luxembourg. Currently the concept is being evaluated to be adapted to go on tour.

The future has landed, a long time ago

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A beautiful 70’s swimming pool on a camping site in Larochette, Luxembourg.  The cherry on top of the cake: Half the building rotates and slides open in good weather.
Vintage on a different scale!

Fair games

Just finished a signage & wayfinding project for the Olympic Games of the Small Nations of Europe, held in Luxembourg this year. Very refreshing to work on a fast and short term project for a change. In collaboration with Luxembourg based Designbureau. Client: Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois


Ponts & Chaussées

Some fine (and proud) signage on a depot of the Luxembourg civil engineering agency.


A new bus shelter for Luxembourg-city

Based on an existing JCD shelter designed by Norman Foster we fine-tuned & adapted the design in collaboration with the city and JCD to better fit todays user needs. Over 250 shelters will be installed / replaced the next couple of years across the city’s bus network.
With a user-centered approach the team developed a new back-lit independent totem that regroups a number of information that is easy to read, even from a distance. The same logic applies to the glass panel on the opposite side where we also re-grouped passenger information usually spread randomly all over the shelter.




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I found this 1952 tourism brochure at a car boot sale in Belgium. Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg – vacation-land is a great slogan, the land of leisure and pleasure! I also like the wood carving style font and the friendliness that transpires through the illustrations. Although the message is very simple I think it still works today!

Please check-out the post below with the map on the opposite side of this page.

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